AEP continues to drive research in epilepsy

The AEP Platform will link people with epilepsy, clinicians, community hubs, research groups, institutions, startups, industry and MedTech with one another.

AEP will connect research, clinical care and MedTech for all Australians.

The platform will drive major advances in decision support tools for epilepsy. The AEP dataset will provide a rich resource for addressing many other traditional science and mechanistic questions in epilepsy to progress epilepsy research worldwide.

Elements of the AEP dataset will be made accessible to the research community through a series of staged public data releases. This will provide the international research community with open access to highly curated, multimodal, large scale epilepsy cohort data. By ‘open sourcing’ the data in an ethically responsible way, the AEP platform will promote the greatest likelihood of breakthrough science that will transform the lives of people with epilepsy.

AEP will unlock the advanced technologies trapped in research

We have the answers but they are trapped in research. There is often a 30 year translational gap between research and clinical care.

Integrated analysis of the three core AEP data modalities – imaging, genetics, cognition – gives a deep understanding of brain function in epilepsy.

Sophisticated informatics technologies will be used to curate large data sets.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms will reveal hidden patterns in these data sets, providing diagnostic information and outcomes prediction to optimise treatment pathways.

This model of health care is scalable and translatable across all brain diseases.

Our partners and supporters

The Australian Epilepsy Project is made possible through the combined support of The Florey and University of Melbourne.

The Australian Epilepsy Project (AEP) receives funding from the Australian Government under the Medical Research Future Fund.