Meet the AEP team: Jonas Haderlein

March 4, 2024
AEP team member

Jonas is a passionate data scientist with a background in engineering and computational neuroscience. Prior to joining the AEP, Jonas worked in the field of machine learning at the BMW Group in Munich, where he also received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering.


What is your role at the AEP? And can you explain what it involves.

My role at the AEP is to analyse, connect and quality-check the many different data modalities that we collect from our participants: MRI data, genetics data, demographical data, and neuropsychological data. In a second step, I am implementing artificial intelligence algorithms for various use cases. This ranges from programs that make the lives of our researchers easier, for example by assisting them to quickly assess a patient’s medical history, to exploratory number crunching in order to unearth hitherto untapped potential in our data.


Why did you choose to work at the AEP?

I have recently finished my PhD in biomedical engineering and machine learning and wanted to apply my skill set to a real-world project with impact. Contributing to translating leading research in the epilepsy domain into a technology platform motivated me to take up the role.


What do you hope to achieve at the AEP?

As we are rethinking the processes around delivering medical services and building a cloud platform to support these, I hope to add machine learning in a meaningful way. This means implementing safe and accurate statistical tools for better clinical decision support.


Proudest moment or achievement?

Making it through Australian customs with a jar of caviar from Europe.

All-time favourite meal?

Homemade lasagne.


Current book you are reading?

The Mind’s I, by Douglas Hofstaedter. This is a follow-up by the author of the famous Goedel, Escher, Bach book on the possibility of artificial general intelligence. A collection of essays, it contains short stories from Borges to Stanislav Lem, covering a range of topics on machine “thinking” and consciousness.


Who would you most like to meet, or have met?

I follow physicist, Sabine Hossenfelder’s YouTube channel called Science News with Sabine Hossenfelder. I really admire Sabine. She is working at the cutting-edge of modern particle and quantum physics and is not afraid of voicing unpopular or even heretical opinions on her field. She has a very data-driven approach to physics in that she addresses the difficulty of identifying models from current limited measurement technology.



AEP Participant: Gary Alway

Gary has been living with epilepsy for almost three decades. In his early 20s his epilepsy was fairly-well managed with medication, and his seizures were rare. But then everything changed. He began having multiple seizures and blackouts every day, culminating in a car crash nine years ago, caused by a seizure.

AEP Participant: Fiona Waugh

Fiona didn’t experience her first seizure until 34-years-of-age and after a further two tonic clonic seizures in as many days, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. “Since diagnosis I’ve remained drug-resistant with a high frequency of seizure activity. But I’ve always had a desire to try and get on top of it, which has led me to make some big treatment decisions over the years.”

Meet the AEP team: Elliot Brooker

Elliot is a valued member of the AEP Neuropsychology team and is responsible for conducting telehealth neuropsychology assessments for AEP participants and control group volunteers.