I've Got This! Owning My Epilepsy

May 8, 2024
AEP team member

At the Australian Epilepsy Project (AEP) our study’s age eligibility starts at 18 years. However, we are often contacted by parents of young adults seeking to be part of our study, and while their child may not be eligible for the AEP at that point in time, we like to share resources and information on where they can get additional help and support.

"I've Got This! - Owning My Epilepsy" is one such resource. A captivating podcast series that dives into the triumphs and tribulations of growing up as a young adult living with epilepsy, offering listeners a friendly and insightful perspective on navigating challenges with confidence and grace.

Two young adults living with epilepsy, James and Rosie, are joined by neurologists Laureate Professor Ingrid Scheffer and Dr Kaitlyn Parratt hosting the eight-episode series.

With a conversational tone that feels like chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee, "I've Got This!" tackles a myriad of topics, from personal development and career advancement to relationships and wellness.

Through candid conversations and relatable anecdotes, the hosts share practical tips, actionable advice, and heartfelt encouragement, making complex issues feel approachable and manageable.

The series starts with the transition from paediatric care to clinical care of epilepsy; a time when young people begin to take control of the day to day management of their condition.

Other episodes include:

●     discussions on managing mental health

●     balancing social life and epilepsy safety

●     job seeking and the right conversations to have at work

●     the challenge of driving with epilepsy

●     Sexual relationships and contraception

●     Building trust with your family so you can take charge of your epilepsy

The series was conceived and funded by Eisai Australia.

I’ve Got This! Owning My Epilepsy’ is available to download via:





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