AEP Participant: Gary Alway

April 18, 2024
AEP team member

Since his car crash nine years ago, Gary has teamed up with a new doctor and is participating in various drug trials and epilepsy research projects, in the hope of once again gaining seizure control.

“My doctor told me about the AEP and the opportunity to undertake advanced testing [not normally available in a clinical setting]. I did think that having a new MRI scan would be good, to see if there are any changes from the last one, I had.”

What would you say to encourage others to signup as a participant?

“I would tell anyone to go for it as it can only possibly help them and others.”


Despite the impact of epilepsy in his life, today Gary is a talented Melbourne photographer who creates beautiful mood-provoking shots of both people and places.

Guardian’ by Gary Alway, pays homage to a friend who has accompanied Gary on many of his photoshoots.

“He’s been a second pair of eyes, but also saved my life multiple times. It is also for everyone else who has helped me over the last nine years.”


Guardian by Gary Alway

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AEP Participant: Darcey Colvin

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